"Chef Konstantinos Pitsillides has created the restaurant of his dreams and ours...He cooks with passion, without fear, and won't dumb down what he believes to be great food." - Collin Flatt, www.Phoodie.info "Pitsillides is good at this, weaving meals of deft little surprises. It makes Kanella one of the year's most refreshing debuts." - Adam Erace food editor Philadelphia Weekly "....all food lovers should rejoice that Pitsillides came back with a restaurant all his own." - Joy Manning, Philadelphia Magazine "We have precious few chefs so devoted to celebrating rustic ethnic cooking with the blend of passion, attention to detail, and culinary skill that Pitsillides has. " Craig LaBan, Inquirer Restaurant Critic "It's honest, good food. If there's a gimmick here, it's that what you see is what you get. " - Elisa Ludwig, Philadelphia City Paper "The dishes at Kanella are as authentic as those you would savor in Greece or Cyprus." - Phyllis Stein-Novack, South Philly Review
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